Mobile apps world is a very interesting and stimulating area of today's software development. You can make available a new helpful, pure entartainment utility to everybody, everywhere in a real portable device.

Unlike, for now, pure web application, you have full access to all the features offered by modern smartphone and tablets. New types of user interaction and "world" interaction are possible in a way more engaging than desktop computers.

Personally, it took me a bit of time before deciding to throw myself in the apps arena.

I remember, years ago, when in a Venetian "bacaro", at a table next to mine, the author of a popular book about resturants and taverns of Venice shared with guests the pleasure to publish an app for the iPhone based on the content of his book.

My curiosity grows in the years and a decision came up: why don't try to dive in to these area of software development? I thought to an app to start off.

It had to be something simple, but possibly relaxing for the future user. Today we live in a world that cries and runs wildly. So, why, for a moment, you can not stop, observing and driving, open mind, something that slides on the screen and bounces off the ends of your device, without any other task than that inspired by your imagination?

"Mmm...", I thought, "particelle rilassanti..." ("relaxing particles..." in English) I'll call them Rilassicelle.

The activity of developing Rilassicelle is very interesting, demanding but fun.

If you look at Rilassicelle, you can think that it's a very simple app, but to make it, I'd have to investigate many topics of iOS programming

These are some...

So now it's the time of the launch, good luck Rilassicelle.

And good luck to giandisa.IT, but this is an other story...


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