Robordomo Project!

An experimental digital assistant 2021 - 2023

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Rilassicelle were here!

Rilassicelle: a Zen-relaxing app 2014 - 2022

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Looking for the "Sacred Grail of Programming" rebooting a website - Part 3/3    [Dec 23, 2018]

The giandisa.IT site has undergone to five technological reboot in the last four years. Here, the third and final part of the story of my quest for the "Sacred Grail of Programming".

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Luminus uberjar deployment automation via Fabric/fabfile and Git    [Mar 30, 2018]

In this post I’ll describe how to automate the deployment of a new stable version of a Luminus Clojure web application and limit the total size of data to upload via network to the server.

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“Work” in Progress – In a company far far long ago between Java and AS/400...    [Feb 4, 2018]

I’m working in an important IT Company since about twenty years. So many years... Someone of the two or three readers of these lines will be horrified hearing that someone exists who endured in one single working place for a so long long period, but… it's the mere truth.

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