Rilassicelle is a relaxing app. Rilassicelle stands for "Relaxing Particles" in Italian. You can drive these little particles of Relax on the screen. Free your mind. Tilt, move your iDevice like a smooth surface on which Rilassicelle fly and so your thoughts.

You can change surface color, Rilassicelle color and shape. You can decide if screen borders are solid or communicating in a mirror style or if you want some sound or silence.

The last update of Rilassicelle App offers a new feature: invisible Force Fields attract or repulse the little Rilassicelle changing their paths. New icon "Restart" lets relaunch Rilassicelle and change disposition and strenght of the force fields.

Find with the little Rilassicelle a few seconds of diversion from everyday hassles. No score to do, no predefined tasks, only those created by your fantasy.

Happy relax!!!

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